Sun Splatter

My husband wanted to do a little photo shoot a few weeks ago when the sunlight was still warm and bright, and fortunately I'm always a willing participant. I was wearing a hat that made pretty crazy sun splatter patterns on my skin.

Truthfully, I've been loving all this rain we've had in California lately. Normally October is a month of dryness and despair for me (I hate dryness) but this year I've enjoyed basking in the wonderful, cool humidity. My plants are happier too.

The only downside is, I can't wear my giant sun hats outside without looking a bit freakish. Oh well. Maybe everyone will think I'm being Summer for Halloween. ;o)


Cynthia Hoskins said...

Fun! After my last sunburn at the Waimea Farmers Market, I've been telling myself it's time to invest in a few wide-brimmed straw hats. You're inspiring me to go shopping!

shayla said...

Yay! See? Yet another reason I'm moving to Hawaii. Sun hats year round! Wooo! :D hehe

Jen and Bern said...

Great shots... you can't take a bad photo.

shayla said...

Thanks, Jen. :o)

Very nice of you. But, I promise you, I can. I just don't show you all the bad ones. heh. ;o)