[taken on my patio earlier today]

It's here. I admit this now. There are pumpkins everywhere.

Have you seen those fairytale pumpkins? Have these been widely available for awhile now and I just don't pay attention to pumpkin trends anymore? They're rad. Along with other, gorgeous, non-jack-o-lantern type pumpkins I've been seeing out there. Seems like a shift back toward heirloom style, traditional pumpkins. Good job, pumpkineers.

So after that weird week and a half of 115 degree coastal Southern California weather (the hell?) it has rapidly progressed into a dark, gray, chilly October. Chilly like I want to wear slippers and make pumpkin soup kind of chilly.

Speaking of which, there's a new loaf of banana bread in the oven right now.

We spent the day Autumn-Cleaning. Kind of like Spring-Cleaning, but there are pumpkins everywhere outside. It was strange and wonderful taking breaks on the patio, standing in the drizzle, observing the new season. We have a nice little habanero plant outside. There are at least 10 orange peppers hanging from it.

They look exactly like pumpkin ornaments.


Larissa.Chirukhina said...

This post about October and pumpkins is so sweet. October to me is one of the most complicated months of the year. But complicated in the right way. I've also got a post on it in my blog. See how London is different from sweltering South Cal ;) Cheers!

shayla said...

Nice to meet you. October is definitely a transition! :)

Look forward to reading your blog.