Sacred Beach

Taken at Polihale Beach on the Island of Kauai. This is where the Hawaiians believe the spirits depart the islands for heaven. I agree that it must be true. It was certainly the most beautiful beach I've ever seen in my life, and I'm pretty sure it might be the most incredible beach on the planet.

Each print is available in Interrupt's shop on Etsy. They make a gorgeous set.

I really should have used this Blogger name to begin with.


Pieces of new ones

That last image is just a tiny portion of a new painting I'm nearly finished with. This is under UV light. In daylight that's actually bright yellow & orange.


"Do you actually use all this stuff?"

I'm not really sure what the girl behind the counter of Michaels meant by that.

I have bought an incredible amount of supplies recently. For some reason, I was really trying to use up everything I had before purchasing more. And! Because my grandmother sends me a new 40%-off-one-item coupon every other week in the mail, (hee) I decided to buy up a bunch of stuff. I have a show coming up and some large paintings to paint. I looked like the Liquitex poster child. (This was not paid for by Liquitex, Inc.) (heh)

(Actually, I use many other non-Liquitex products.. I just bought a whole bunch of it that one day.)


(can you hear me when I talk in parentheses?)

I imagine other full-time artists can relate, but I cannot believe how much money I spend on supplies. When I start to hyperventilate at the cost while walking back to the car, Colin has to remind me that this is my job [and passion], and how I make money to begin with. Sometimes it seems as though I buy very little else. I only recently bought 3 new shirts, because all the rest of mine have paint splatter on them.

[I just recently realized that when we live in Hawaii, I will get to use real Hawaiian beach sand in my paintings!! :::squeal::: The real trick will be how I'll be able to peel myself off the beach long enough to actually paint. Hopefully Pele won't have a problem with me stealing her sand. I only take small bits. And I make pretty pictures with it. Hmm. Maybe I'll leave the black sand alone. Just in case.]

Sorry. Sidetracked.

Ooh! Caught on camera! A specimen from the elusive Designus Graphicus species:

Orange and Teal

Check out these two gorgeous treasuries on Etsy that I found myself in today! The color schemes of both are really incredible. Thanks to you both for including me, these are excellent!

:o) Purdy.

Not Exactly Tropical

But not exactly not...

These pink clouds were floating by directly overhead. Wispy and pink, they were.

...and despite not taking very good care of my 2nd plumeria tree on the balcony, it's proving its worth anyway. I love plumeria. They're really just the best flower in the whole world.

It was weird out today, cloudy and humid. I loved it. I guess I would prefer it to be sunny and humid, but that never really happens in Southern California.

I've been very peaceful lately, an interesting contrast to how much work we have before us, how much planning we are doing, and how out-of-our-element we've been feeling. I don't know why, exactly, but maybe it's because all of this work is going to benefit our long term goals in a really powerful way. I feel things starting to click. The work and opportunities that are ahead of us seem to be a direct response to our goals, which we've been speaking out loud as much as possible.

I'm such a romantic. It's hard for me not to take things like pink clouds, blooming plumeria, and warm humidity as some sort of encouragement that we're on the right path, a path that will eventually lead us to achieving our life-long quest to move away from this awful place and forge a new life somewhere else, in a place that feels like home.

Oh, cool, the sun just came out.

How I Feel About The Management At The Apartment Complex I Live At

By the way, did I ever mention that I painted the plastic sheeting that covers my kitchen lights? Well, I did. I did, and it's pretty.

It was really one of the best decisions I've ever made. And yes, it glows in the dark.

So there.

Namesakes and leather

Okay, backstory: So I bought this awesome wallet for Colin at Christmas from my friend Arlene at Sewlutions by AMO, and it was so awesome! Soft and sturdy and wonderful. Handmade leather stuff!! (Sorry, Vegans.)

She and I got to talkin' and yada yada yada, she liked my name(s) so much, she wanted to use them on products, and of course I thought that was completely rad. :oD

Today she emailed me to let me know that she'd created another totally awesome handmade leather product (sorry again vegans) that used my name! (!!!)

Introducing, The Maddox:

It comes in a couple different colors, and she might add more colors too. So cool. Ahh... all those times I made Colin carry my IDs and stuff because my outfit didn't have pockets and I refused to carry a purse.... I think I'm gonna have to get one of these. I mean, it's called THE MADDOX!

Oh, and there's a Shayla in the works at some point too. Huzzah!


The sound that my new schedule makes. I now have to move at hyper-speed in order to get everything done before *the big show* in November.

Lookie, a new color study:

Available in my Etsy shop.

It's one of two that I worked on along with a new Orange painting that I'm finishing up. I don't know that I'll be doing more (color studies) than that, because of my previously mentioned Whoosh Schedule. I have to streamline my whole process here. There's a lavender moon painting floating around my head that needs to come out and get on canvas soon.

Very soon.


A Bigger Boat

The top one is actually a blank leather journal, yet to contain anything. Colin and I have stacks of these blank journals between us. We love the concept of blank books, we just never fill them with anything. Too much pressure. But, I like this one, it says CARPE DIEM on the front. It makes me *want* to write something in it. But I don't know what.

I've never been the type of person to keep a journal, and I don't really see the value in recording the various boring details of my life. I'm also rarely inspired to write down a stream of thoughts or emotions. Like I said, I'm not really a journal person. I'm a blank book person.

Meanwhile, I'm about to immerse myself in a new project again. It's exciting every time I do it. I like having a deadline. This project is a bit bigger than previous ones, though. Bigger event, bigger results. Bigger is fun.

Even the paintings get bigger when I'm preparing for a show. I must designate most of my floor space to white canvas again. Sorry, Joey. We'll play fetch at Christmastime.

I have so much to do that I even started working on a schedule of sorts, to make sure I have enough hours each day to get a lot of work done. It's time to crawl back into that obsessive, constant, productive period of nothing-but-painting. My spare time will be spent in business meetings and organizational tasks.

If only I had something to write all this down in!!!