A Bigger Boat

The top one is actually a blank leather journal, yet to contain anything. Colin and I have stacks of these blank journals between us. We love the concept of blank books, we just never fill them with anything. Too much pressure. But, I like this one, it says CARPE DIEM on the front. It makes me *want* to write something in it. But I don't know what.

I've never been the type of person to keep a journal, and I don't really see the value in recording the various boring details of my life. I'm also rarely inspired to write down a stream of thoughts or emotions. Like I said, I'm not really a journal person. I'm a blank book person.

Meanwhile, I'm about to immerse myself in a new project again. It's exciting every time I do it. I like having a deadline. This project is a bit bigger than previous ones, though. Bigger event, bigger results. Bigger is fun.

Even the paintings get bigger when I'm preparing for a show. I must designate most of my floor space to white canvas again. Sorry, Joey. We'll play fetch at Christmastime.

I have so much to do that I even started working on a schedule of sorts, to make sure I have enough hours each day to get a lot of work done. It's time to crawl back into that obsessive, constant, productive period of nothing-but-painting. My spare time will be spent in business meetings and organizational tasks.

If only I had something to write all this down in!!!



Kim Bagwill said...

I know exactly what you mean! I love buying blank journals, but don't want to "mess" them up with my writing. Instead, I have scraps of paper with important info stuffed into my purse. Great blog!

shayla said...

heh. :o) yeah. I think I just like to carry it around and daydream about the possibilities.

thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

But you write so well!!!

shayla said...

Mom, that was so obviously you.


Anonymous said...

Yes, you are right....