Video blog! (or Vlog, as the kids are calling it.)


Yay. After owning this computer for over 3 years it just occurred to me that I can take videos of myself! TALKING! Thrilling. I can see it on your face.

Strangely, it was only after we started playing with our snazzy new Canon powershot (which has HD video) that this idea came to me at all. I've seen other people do it. It looked fun when they did it. I wonder how they did so?


Anyway, many thanks to Jessica Doyle for giving me material to talk about in my first video blog. I LOVE your ornament! Thank you thank you!

Also, thank you for pushing me into figuring out my goals for the year. I'm working on it now. :o)

To the future! Loving 2010 already.


Jen and Bern said...

Love the vlog! :) And you're ornaments were AWESOME! LOVED it! I packed mine up too! :(

Sarah (aka Juicebox Robot) said...

Awesome idea! It IS the future! :)

SerendipitybyErin said...

That was cute Shayla! Thanks for sharing. I also love Jessica Doyle's work.

shayla said...


I love living in the future. Well, I'd still like to have a greenhouse garden on my roof, but... ya know.. baby steps.

(and what about those hoverboards anyway? lies.)

Anonymous said...

good to see you live! love the baby greeting cards to!

Jessica Doyle said...

And my thank you video is live!

KJ McLean said...

Yesterday I saw (in porson) the amazing ornament you made for Jessica! So pretty!

And I'm now following your blog and tweets! Looking forward to seeing more of your artwork! :)

shayla said...

Jen! You blog! Hi! Seriously, when was the last time I saw you? Mindi and Richard's wedding? That long ago? Bah.

Yay Jessica! xo

Hi KJ, thanks so much! Nice to meet you. :o)

TaraFly said...

Aggggh! Another incredibly awesome blog, and talented artist, to follow! I blame Jessica! :P

Your work is amazing, your video cracked me up (in a good way), so it'll be exciting to watch your future as you share it with us. :D

Take care.

shayla said...

Hi Tara!! Thanks for stopping by! Nice to meet you too. :o)