My ornament!

Forget what I said about not being able to show you my ornament.

Thanks to the generous picture-taking of a couple of friends, and one awesome video blog by Jessica Doyle, now I have visual proof of my 2009 Christmas ornament!

Yay. :o)

Thanks Madeleine for sending these! This shows it glowing in the dark. It also lights up bright blue and green and crazy with a blacklight too. I'm just sayin. You people and your fear of blacklights. ;o)

Here's Stephanie's kitties being fascinated with the sparkle reflecting on the ground. Heh! :o) That's awesome, thanks so much for catching that.

Hooray! And there you have it.

Until next year.........


TaraFly said...

LOL! Okay, I'm seriously going to invest in some of your ornaments for next year... if you decide to sell them, that is!
My tree has been bare for the last two years, except for cookie crumbs... and my cats would LOVE to chase the sparkles! :D

shayla said...

Heh... Yeah, I think I might! Maybe. Perhaps. Hmm..

In some ways I enjoy the simplicity of my naked tree, but I dunno... Christmas just seems like the time for extra, unnecessary sparkle. Ya know??


stfunny said...

My mom went with a nekkid tree for Christmas this year and it was very chic. ;)