Not mine. Colin designed this for Becky. She wanted a tattoo of her sons' names.

Max & Lucas.

Indelibly Scarred For Life

Can you imagine the pressure designing something that she will be looking at for the REST OF HER LIFE?! Me neither.

It looks AWESOME though. Yay Beck!!

By the way, Colin has a new blog! Woo!


Madeleine said...

An ambigram! cool! I had to stare at it a while to see the names, but they are indeed there - obvious once I knew what I was looking for. Well done Colin! :-)

My sister and brother-in-law have tattoos, but I'm too chicken to do it myself!

shayla said...

I always thought I would be too, but it was surprisingly easy. I mean, it HURTS but it's not like having surgery or something.

It feels like a cat scratch that lasts half an hour.


Madeleine said...

No, no, I'm chicken about the permanence of it! :-)

shayla said...

haha, oh. Yes, that part too.

Fortunately I don't think I'll outgrow the symbolism of my own tattoo, but I definitely wouldn't get one on a whim!

You need part of Chris' DNA sequence tattooed on the inside of your wrist. Heh. :oD

worththerisk said...

I am soooo happy with this tattoo design!! Colin captured the heart and spirit of me and my boys perfectly! I love that I get to explain to people who don't see the names right away what the design is and what it means to me. And for those who do see the design and get it... I immediately feel a connection to... they have eyes to see the unseen :)
Couldn't be happier!! Not to mention the fact I have one of my best friends designs permanently inked on my body... NOW if I could only figure out a way to get a Shayla painting inked on my body that was light reactive.... (hmmmmm... the future of tattooing possibly) ;)