Far Away . 18x24 inches . 2008

1. natural light
2. artificial light
3. artificial and UV light combined
4. UV light only
5. no light (total darkness)

Ingredients: acrylic, beach sand, varnish, phosphorescent pigments, glass, water & light.

The title is from the song I walked down the aisle to at my wedding, Over the Hills and Far Away. This piece was painted purely because I was inspired to do so. It is not for sale. I painted it for Colin and I. :o) It took me awhile, I suppose because I was attaching a lot of romance and emotion to it, which is fine. I love taking time to do art for art's sake.

It's funny, the light itself on our wedding day ended up being a character in the ceremony. The drive from downtown Kailua-Kona to Waialea Bay was about 45 minutes, and we were racing a storm the entire way. Everyone was sure the wedding, at sunset, would be cloudy and rainy.

Somehow though, a mysterious force seemed to halt the approaching clouds, despite their darkness and massiveness. They slowed to a stop right before the beach we married on, and held off until we were gone. The few clouds that broke through made for an incredible sunset, and caused the light on the beach to glow a gorgeous lavender and orange. For the last half of the ceremony, the sunrays burst through the clouds and touched the ocean below.

You read into that whatever you want. I know we do.

(This piece is not for sale, although the matching Color Study is still available in my Etsy shop.)


Something Fun said...

before i read what you had written, I was so getting the feeling that the sun rays were coming through a cloudy day.

It's beautiful. It catches the very essence that you describe!


shayla said...


Thanks so much. Yeah, it's a really amazing memory.

(Of course, everything in Hawaii is amazing, but this was *particularly* amazing.)

heh ;o)

Chelsea Mae said...

I concur. Because of the circumstances and the colors I think it was the best sunset ever, I surely have not seen one that tops it.

shayla said...


I should have painted the color of your dress into it too! heh :o)

[Actually, I guess most of my paintings are the color of your dress.]

(*Teal & Blue, for those who don't know.)