When something is truly awesome, I really should blog about it.


(now would be a good time to mention that I've never even heard Beyonce's original version, and I have even less intention of doing so now.)

But! In case you're more of an Earth Wind and Fire type of person, here ya go!

More Pomplamoose to listen to online.

Love it. LOVE IT. Go buy Pomplamoose's music. Now. Support art. Support AWESOME art.


Sarah said...

Freakingly awesomely, weird. You should totally listen to the Beyonce song, though. It's all catchy and gets up in your head.

shayla said...

But... then I would have to listen to Beyonce....... :oP


I believe you, in fact, I think I'm going to have to scrub my brain clean to get this freaking song out of my head. I've been singing it for like 4 days, agghh!!

pj said...

...i cannot recommend the Beyonce original. most certainly not after hearing this gem. it's true actually, it does get in your head, unfortunately it is the one line, and it repeats over and over and over all in the same 2 monotones, which are more like yelling than singing. :/ it's not her best work. i'm sure it's a dance club mix fave though. i have a hard time remembering any of it that isn't that line, so i cannot really comment on how bad the lyrics are, lol.

wth man i gotta go find some of this chick/duo's musics to buy so she/they make/s more, yummy.

shayla said...


they do individual stuff too, although I think their collaborative work is far superior.

they're both so funny though, he's all spazzy and expressive and she looks almost bored to be there. (but in a good way.)

hee hee