Adventures in Sushi

So we went to Gen Kai again last weekend. :o) It started out simple enough.

But when you order Omakase, you never know what will happen. This would be mackerel sashimi:

Honestly, it was some of the best sashimi I've ever had. And what a [mildly alarming] presentation!

Here's Colin eating the fish head, after it was sent to the kitchen to be deep fried.
(P.S. I ate a fish eyeball. Yep.)

Sashimi Roll:

Then... Jun-san brought out the squid. The whole squid. A whole squid, I tell you:

I hadn't eaten a whole squid before. It was... squid-like. I also hadn't tried salmon roe either! (the orange stuff.) It's like inflated, balloon-like caviar.

And that's my story.



Jen and Bern said...

Such beautiful masterpieces! Next time Zen! :)

Cyn said...

Wow! Sushi presentation is great. However, I am more impressed with your gorgeous paintings. From one artist to another, Awesome!
(I'm a friend of Jen Broas)

shayla said...

Thanks so much!! :o)