this place is ducky

Please. Indulge me:

Yep, so that's pretty much what I've been doing since they hatched last weekend. This is just the duck family near our condo, there are numerous duck families all over the complex. It's insanity here. In a cute way. Cute insanity.

Egret Interlude:

On our eco-system exploration walk on Sunday, (meaning, we walked around the complex) we also discovered a gigantic orange koi and a good sized turtle. This place constantly amazes me. My landlord told me, "Just wait for summer!" but if it actually gets better than this, I'll be knocked over with majestic hysteria.

Love it here.

This won't be the last time I gush about this.

You are warned.


Jen and Bern said...

Oh you've brought back so many wonderful memories for me. I loved this time of year at the creek. It's just precious watching those little ducklings. Be sure to scare the crows away when you see them... they go after small animals. Enjoy the beautiful scenary....Is it ok if I link your blog to mine?

shayla said...


I *knew* those crows were eying the babies!! grrrrrrrrr I will scare them away now. What jerks.

It's amazing how much we've learned about duck behavior, I keep telling people it's like West Side Story for ducks here. :o)

*Another of my favorite things is how the doves start cooing at around 3pm every day. So heavenly.

Oh and, feel free to link away. :o)

(I really should buy some sort of Bird Watchers book!)