I'm such a dork.

Have I ever mentioned that I like disaster movies? Not like I think they're some high form of cinematic art or anything. Quite the opposite. I find them entertaining for their very ridiculousness. What can I say? They're awesome. Things shaking, comets slamming into planets, tidal waves. Awesome.

Hey, some people like zombie movies.

Like, just now, I noticed something called "10.5 Apocalypse" was on the Sci-Fi channel, and I had to turn it on. The title alone was enough. See, now, some disaster movies will be dramatized stories about things that *could* happen (even if it's unlikely) such as an asteroid hitting the earth. That could happen.

A 10.5 earthquake? That isn't scientifically possible. Read your pamphlet on how the Richter Scale works. Well, assuming we're not talking about the earth cracking in half or something. I knew immediately that this was going to be particularly entertaining. Granted, I just turned it on, I'm not even positive what's happening. They already mentioned something about the Gulf of Mexico flooding the Mississippi and separating the United States into 2 parts. YES.

Oh, wouldn't you know it. That poor nurse covered by falling debris and slot machines and pool tables in a Las Vegas casino just found out yesterday that she was pregnant. Darn. What timing.

Ahhhh, sweeeeet. George Washington's face just shattered and fell to the ground at Mt. Rushmore. AWESOME.

It's kind of freaking me out that every person who has an important medical, science, or government related job in this movie looks to be my age or younger. Seriously? Are they qualified to be doing this?

Look, I could have told you that rappelling down a broken elevator shaft during the apocalypse was a bad idea. Duh.

....And they just advertised "NYC: Tornado Terror" on later tonight. Heh.

I will not be watching that.


Ryan said...

yes. agreed. and i was actually just watching part of 10.5 apocalypse earlier.. haha. swear to god the other day i watched the godzilla remake with matthew broderick. so great and so horrible

shayla said...

that's hardcore. i could barely get through that one in the theater.

but then, i truly think deep impact rules the disaster movie genre.

outrunning a tsunami on a motorbike!!

(so far.)

Madeleine said...

I couldn't help but wonder how big 10.5 really is, and a well-placed wikipedia link helped me out...

It looks like the meteor that caused the crater in the Yucatan peninsula (the one that might have killed the dinosaurs) released around 5.0 zeta-joules of energy, and a 10.0 earthquake is supposed to be 4.2 ZJ. It looks like 10.5 would be 4 to 5 times the size of this impact event... maybe reasonable given what they depict? :-)

The disaster occupying my mind these days is that Large Hadron Collider making a black hole or something. Rationally I'm pretty sure I should trust the experts on this, but I'm still nervous! You can keep an eye on it with some live webcams.

shayla said...

heh. exactly. that would be quite shaky.

Colin and I, of course, ended up staying awake too late seriously discussing something that should never be discussed seriously, that being the movie's "science." If the planet still hasn't balanced the energy released in 2004's 9.something quake in Indonesia, what would it take to balance a 10.5? I mean, there would have to be 8.0 earthquakes EVERYWHERE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD going non-stop for like weeks to balance that kind of energy.

See, there I go discussing that again.

Even more nerve-wracking about the Hadron Collider is how it broke itself so badly on the very first day of operation that the entire thing can't be restarted until SPRING of 2009. Um, hello? Ack.

Well, it will be downright poetic when science itself destroys the universe.