Da kine . 24x30 . 2006

(shown in both normal and UV light, as well as in sketch form.)

I used a mixture of sand and acrylic to do this. The painting itself is fairly heavy. I wanted to create something that looked like it was made of stone. Glowing bricks.

My Grandpa used to have a rock cutter and after he was done hunting rocks he would cut them in half and polish them up. I was always fascinated that this dull scraggly rock had such beautiful colors and lines inside. Blues to greens to purples to crystals. From dusty and dull to sparkly and smooth in under an hour. Sometimes he would glue little penguins or army men to the rocks (except for the ones that were 55 million years old.) I'm not kidding. They're still all over my Grandma's house.

Cool blues are so soothing to me.


worththerisk said...

Incredible Shayla.... bright, yet somehow really warm, like the story. They go together! I love it. It makes me feel safe.

I can't wait to see the textures in person! Beautiful.


william wray said...

I'm amazed you can get so many variations on the same shapes.

Anonymous said...

I have been to your site several times, and I must say that I love your work!

You have an incredible feel to all of your paintings. The simplicity is remarkable and still conveys a lot of emotion.

Please keep up the work and post more often!

LLC said...

Your paintings look great! The website gallery listing is very easy to get to. I love your style. Your use of color and detail is very effective.